1 year ago

Lamps! Action! Stop Acting! Or performing on Camera

Why is it so hard to think the finest on camera lessons I ever had cost a dime each, along with a nickel to get a case of popcorn? I'm dead serious.

That training generated film assignments shot from Denver to Amsterdam. Maine to Miami. Ea read more...

1 year ago

Acting Techniques - Where to Find the Proper Acting Way For You

1) The Stanislavski System

First, note that all of the major operating methods currently shown in National performing schools are derived from the work of Constantin Stanislavski, a Russian actor and director who produced an working method read more...

1 year ago

Acting Techniques and Practices

Most likely, among points you'll experience being an acting university pupil is selecting a particular type of technique or approach to review. There are a lot of them out there and differing working schools specialize in different methods, but tr read more...